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This recipe is fantastic! I chose it because I liked the cooking process as I have made octopus twice before but it always came out like old boots! The octopus was very tender and I barbecued the final stage which gave it a lovely crispy texture. It really impressed my dinner guests and the four kids, aged 4-7, at the table were fighting over the last pieces! Will definitely make it a staple in my house.

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amdb March 15, 2010

This was fantastic and so simple! I love grilled octopus but have never had baby octopus and bought some on a whim. I was searching everywhere for a baby octopus recipe and found yours. The flavors were perfect. I only had one small problem and that was cooking them on the grill. They were so small that when I put them in the grill basket they kept falling through! I ended up grilling them on foil but they didn't get charred or crispy. Nevertheless, they tasted awesome and I realised that the way I ended up cooking them would be great for serving in a salad. Thanks for this fabulous recipe. I'll have to give it a go again maybe under the grill in the oven this time.

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Summerwine October 28, 2007
Char Grilled Baby Octopus