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OMG, this is awesome! Krystal Belle, I agree with you. I could have eaten the whole bowl of fruit! The flavor was soooo good. I didn't add in the condensed milk because we thought the salad was sweet enough as it was. This is one recipe that will definitely be made often from now on. I only wish I could have given it more stars!

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Dreamgoddess June 07, 2009

Delicious fruit salad! I had to alter the fruits a bit -- didn't add the watermelon because Dad doesn't like it, and I couldn't find any good mangoes when I went shopping, so I added nectarine instead. I had some leftover fresh pineapple, so I tossed that in too. Because the red of the watermelon was missing, I added some quartered strawberries. I'll definitely have to try it with the watermelon next time (sorry, Dad). I left the sweetened condensed milk on the side so it could be added to the individual servings if desired. I had half-expected this to be super-sweet because of the cream of coconut, but we were pleasantly surprised (as the previous reviewer pointed out, the juices of the fruit cut the cream of coconut somewhat to tone down the sweetness of it). This was a great snack on an icky hot and humid day. We'll definitely be enjoying this one again before the summer's out. Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess July 15, 2007

Mmmmmmmmm! This is so very good!! I couldn't find the Coco Lopez brand but substituted another cream of coconut, Coco Casa. When I first added the Coco I was worried that it would be too thick but the beauty of this recipe is that all of the fruits add their juices and sweetness to make a very delicious and unusual fruit salad! I did not add the sweetened condensed milk because the fruits were sweet enough! My family enjoyed the fruits you have listed and we might add strawberries, as you suggested, or even pineapple in the future. Thanks Krystal-Belle for a fun and tasty salad!

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Acerast May 18, 2007
Chaqueta's Fruit Salad