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This is a nice straight-forward recipe for chappati. When I have made my chappati I immediately brush ghee over them and fold them in half and place them on top of each other in a teatowel. This seems to keep the chappati pliable which is what you want if you are scooping up food with them. Thanks 1 Steve.

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mortein October 12, 2006

Thanks for posting this simple recipe for making chappatis. I usually always buy them, but had forgoten to get some, so I looked for a recipe to make my own. The other recipes on here are a lot more involved and take longer and this was very easy and fairly quick, apart from the chilling time. I halved the recipe and used about 1/2 tsp of salt, but would probably increase the amount next time. When you hold them over the gas flame to puff them up, you have to be careful that the edges don't catch fire. The only thing I'd have to criticise was that they were a little bit dry, but maybe serving them with the melted gee/butter would help with that. I just served them as they were with a chicken tikka masala and some basmati rice. Thanks for sharing.

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-Sylvie- August 29, 2005