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Very good complimentary flavors for the chanterelles, but I wanted it to taste a bit "brighter" to balance the richness. I used bacon grease instead of corn oil, added shallots with the onion, and seasoned with salt and pepper. I also cooked them all at the same time in a large skillet. Next time I might top with asiago or squeeze some lemon juice over them.

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reneeumiami July 17, 2013

I wish I could have used Chanterelle mushrooms - They were in the store 2 days ago - but gone gone gone - so I used brown mushrooms and this recipe was still delish.. I am sure that Chanterelles would boost the flavor even more. I used a lite Garlic herb cream cheese and a lite Havarti cheese - worked well. I just sprayed the mini muffin pans with a light no oil - no butter on the bread. Worked. and only sprayed the pan for cooking the mushrooms and onioms - I wonder if these ittle tartlets will freeze - un baked? Loved them

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Bergy October 19, 2008
Chanterelle Mushroom Tartlets