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I had high hopes of this recipe, because it is an extremely expensive dish (at least, in the UK) and I very much wanted it to be worthwhile. The smell as it cooked all afternoon was divine. With great anticipation, we served it up (with green beans) - and it was fantastic! Well worth the wait, and the cost. My husband says it is the tastiest way of cooking lamb that he has ever eaten. I reckon you could easily serve 9 with this quantity (I made a 2/3 recipe for four, and it would have served six). And we didn't need as much wine as indicated. By the way, I looked up "chanfana" and found that it is a traditional Portuguese lamb or goat stew. A very good recipe. Reviewed for Pick A Chef, Fall 2007.

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Syrinx October 07, 2007
Chanfana Lamb -