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Utterly delicious! The masa harina makes such a special flavour and texture. For the milk I used almond milk, and I used a piloncillo for sugar which I dissolved in the hot milk. Really easy, and soooo goood :) Thanks for posting!!
Made for ZWT 8 /Mexico for the Lively Lemon Lovelies

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Mia in Germany August 12, 2012

Technically masa harina and corn flour are not the same thing. Masa harina (literally dough flour) is made from lime-treated corn and used to make tortillas and tamales. Corn flour is harina de maíz in Spanish and is raw corn flour. But both can be used, but the flavor is different. I like blue corn flour best for this. And you can use cocoa, or Mexican chocolate (which may already have cinnamon or other spices and almonds, etc. in it) too. You can make corn flour in a coffee or spice grinder from corn meal (or non-instant corn grits, polenta) or dried corn kernels (if your grinder is sturdy). Just grind it really fine. If you use corn flour - I mix it with cold water - enough to make it pour and then add it to the hot liquid - no lumps. Lastly the liquid to dry rate in this recipe is rather low - you might have to thin it when using some types of corn flour. I cook it longer - so it's silky, and these measurements will be really thick - like porridge for me.

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loki-dog September 04, 2014

I live 5 minutes away from Mexico and so I have high expectations for champurrado. I like this, but couldn't give 5 stars. I changed things up a bit here, so it might be my fault that it wasn't superb. First of all, I used4.5 c nonfat milk and 1.5 c. half and half. I upped the masa and water accordingly and I used 2.3 tablets of abuelita chocolate. I upped the brown sugar after tasting, but later regretted it b/c it was too sweet (next time I will put the indicated amount!) I didn't know what translucent masa is supposed to look like so when I thought it was thick enough I added it to the milk. It was super lumpy after lots of stirring so I blended the lumps in the blender and it is nice and smooth now. I really do like it, it's just too sweet

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Mrs. Beckman December 25, 2013

I have been looking for the right recipe to make this and this one looks the best I would be making it know if I had the masa or corn flour but I don't so I have to wait but about the Mexican chocolate Ibarra why not use abuelita it is exactly the same and I love it they have it in a boox just like Ibarra or you can get it in a bag already course or even in a syrup and it already has the cinnamon and sugar so it may help lessen ingredients but I am just going to follow this and add in my abuelita and I may buy the brown sugar cones and use those since that's what most use!! thanks for posting this I crave it all the time im 3 months pregnant and this is my sweet, hot, filling drink!!

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Tara G. September 23, 2013

Soooo good, I usually buy Champurrado in the morning but the place I buy from has been making it more and more watered down, this was perfect, I'm making my own from now on....thanks.

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Safe_Bet October 30, 2012

This had a really good flavor, but not as good as those made with Mexican Chocolate (Ybarra bars in the yellow box). I scaled this back for two and it might have made a difference in that mine came out a bit too thick and I had to whisk and then pass thru a sieve to get the lumps out. Next time, I'll probably incorporate the cinnamon and sugar in the chocolate milk part of the process, then add the masa harina paste directly to the warm chocolate milk until thickened. All said and done, this WAS very good and brought back memories of childhood in Mexico and hispanic barrios in San Diego.

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Jostlori August 25, 2012

So thick and delicious! A keeper! Thanks for sharing.

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breezermom August 12, 2012

Mhh! This was a delicious chocolate for my children ... and a small portion for me as well.
The preparation was very easy, but I had to use the blender to have a homogenized cream as the cornflour I had was not very finely groundet. In any case this was not a problem and was ready in a few minutes.
Really delicious filling and comforting chocolate. Thanks for posting this!

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awalde August 09, 2012

Oh Elmotoo, this is so good. I loved it, a nice thick, dark, velvety, rich and decadent cocoa. Really enjoyed the brown sugar and cinnamon in the drink. Made exactly as written, the corn flour thickens it beautifully. Quick and easy to make, a dangerous combination. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe which I will be making again. Made for the Fearless Red Dragons - ZWT8 - Mexico

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Baby Kato August 06, 2012

I scaled this down to one serving and somehow did this in the microwave, and it turned out quite nice. Instead of the cinnamon stick a added a pinch of cinnamon, and I used maybe 1/8 tsp cornstarch in place of the corn flour. Its nice and thick :D However, its very dark. I like it this way, but milk chocolate lovers beware. This is not the drink for you(: Thanks Elmotoo!

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VeggieCook98 March 06, 2012
Champurrado (Chocolate Atole)