Cham Cham

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

My New Year's Eve beverage of choice.

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  1. Pour Chambord, to taste, in flute. I eyeball it but it's about a tablespoon.
  2. Slowly pour in Champagne.
  3. Top with a raspberry.
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Looks innocent, huh? It's not. errrrrrp!

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I had never tried Chambord before, but after buying it for another cocktail, i fell in love with it, it's so good!! The "Cham Cham" recipe was in the little booklet attached to th ebottle, so I did a search to see if it was on here. I didn't add the fresh raspberry, but I LOVE the drink itself! Very tasty! :)

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We enjoyed this on New Year's Eve with some friends. Wonderful combination! Everyone really liked it!