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We love these. Our kids love these. Our guests always love these. They are so simple. I do them in the slow cooker when I'm going to cook a Chinese meal, then cool and save the sauce to use again the next time.

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KunmingCook April 09, 2011

Made a reduced batch and sent as a snack in DH's lunch. He reported back that they were good, but not very different in flavor from regular hard-boiled eggs. I simmered the eggs in the aromatic mixture for about 1 1/4 hours, so perhaps that wasn't long enough. I was concerned about them getting rubbery if I simmered too long, though, so I was hesitant to go much longer. Perhaps I'll try a longer simmering time next time. These weren't at all difficult to make, and the anise and orange peel were easy to find at the nearby Vietnamese grocery (huge bags, too, so plenty for future use). Thanks so much for posting, Bella! Made for Comfort Cafe January 2009.

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Halcyon Eve January 24, 2009
Cháyèdàn- Chinese Tea Eggs