Ceylon Curry Powder

Total Time
0 mins
20 mins

Taken from Charmaine Solomon. "In Sri Lankan cooking one of the main characteristics is that the spices are dark and roasted, this gives an aroma completely different from Indian curries". Used in "Harak mas curry" (Sri Lankan beef curry), "Lampries Curry" and "Mas Ismoru" (Sri Lankan braised beef with gravy).

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  1. In a dry pan over a low heat separately roast the coriander, cummin, fennel and fenugreek, stirring constantly until each one becomes fairly dark brown.
  2. Do not let them burn.
  3. Put into blender container together with cinnamon stick broken in pieces, the cloves, cardamon and curry leaves.
  4. Blend on high speed until finely powdered.
  5. Combine with chilli powder and ground rice if using.
  6. Store in an airtight jar.