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Made and reviewed for ZWT7. Fantastic ... But I have a confession: for some reason I am addicted to raw fish!!! Gimme Japanese sushimi every time! PanNan, sadly we do not have fresh scallops in South Africa. We can get frozen ones at inflated prices ... But I live on the sea, and wonderful fish from pristine waters is available, so I made this with local fish. I hate to say this, but I could not find limes, so used freshly-squeezed lemon juice. Instead of jalapenos (right now -- different seasons -- not available) I used some fresh cayenne pepper without the seeds. Delicious!! My darling husband is not as fond of "raw fish" as I am, so I scoffed the lot for lunch ... I used half your recipe, i e 1/2 lb fresh, raw, white-fleshed ocean fish. It's non-fattening and healthy ... Great, thanks!

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Zurie May 27, 2011