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These were truly wonderful! It will definitely keep the vampires away!
I am not a fan of lamb but thought I would give it a try, because a friend introduced me to this dish. Next time I will make them with just the veal and pork.
I roasted the peppers and eggplant on the BBQ which made the ajvar sauce very silky and smoky...delicious!
Thank you for this recipe. We will certainly be making it again!

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ms.susan April 15, 2012

I also saw this recipe in Saveur a few months back,... Unfortunately I did not have any savory or lamb when I made this. I also did not make the ajvar as we already had our own. Make sure you mix the meat by hand otherwise the flavors wont distribute properly. Also, letting it rest for a few hours is really important too. I left mine overnight. I liked it. It wasnt the BEST that I have had, but it was my first time making it. My boyfriend who is Bosnian thought it was alright but not that authentic tasting. I will be making it again with ALL of the ingredients,... and perhaps a little aid from one of my Bosnian friends :). Otherwise, it's definitely a good recipe to start with.

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asperblood June 03, 2008
Cevapcici S Ajvarom ( Balkan Country Sausage)