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Yum! Asian comfort food - don't expect spicy - just very flavorful and savory. Of course, the flavor depends a lot on the quality of the chicken stock used. I had some homemade stock, so was able to enjoy these noodles very much. I did use rice thread noodles, rather than bean thread noodles, mainly for convenience, but also because I prefer rice noodles. And since rice noodles seem to need more cooking, I plunged them into boiling water, instead of soaking them in warm water. It worked all right for me. I also didn't have reduced sodium soy sauce, so used 2/3 of the amount given of regular soy sauce. I made up the liquid in Chinese rice wine. I do think, as the amounts are not very large, that regular soy sauce in the recipe's amount would have worked just as well. Anyway, the noodles are good. If you would like to make them more flavorful, you could add some fresh coriander leaves (xiangcai) at the very end, or increase the amount of chili. By the way, I used ground hot red chiles, not Tex/Mex style chile powder. Thank you for posting this recipe. I'm sure I'll use it often.

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mianbao October 21, 2012
Cellophane Noodles With Pork & Tomato