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When I first tasted this before the 20-minute simmer, I was worried it would be a one-star throw-out. However, it simmered on. Upon serving it, it went from "ok" to "absolutely outstanding" in about four spoonfulls. (My point being: if the first spoonful doesn't appeal to you, keep eating it at least for a little while). Very delicious, even tho I forgot to put in the yogurt! I have leftovers and will add that to it tomorrow. I used nonfat milk; can't get a boil on that until you put in the full-fat Stilton. So just heated it up well, then put in the Stilton, brought to boil and simmered. It's probably why it looks a little curdled but I don't care as I just cannot justify the fat and cholesterol in anything else besides nonfat milk. The cheese has enough of those both. This would be great served with unsalted, unbuttered popcorn on top as a garnish. Didn't have any, so I just added some saltines. Whatever you do, do not leave out anything else. The celery and walnuts were absolutely essential. When I reheated the leftovers today (one day later), I added in the yogurt. I think I may like it better w/o it, but at the very least, I think it is an optional ingredient. ZWT6

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Debbie R. June 19, 2010
Celery, Stilton & Walnut Soup