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This is a very good cookie and a conversation starter at a party. For my taste, these are too sweet, but my kids and even some of the adults wouldn't have changed a thing. As written, this recipe is well-suited to the majority. The heat only comes after the cookie is gone and is just a pleasant warmth on the tongue. Consistency is great. I would consider for a group of only adults, adding a half teaspoon more, and cutting back on the sugar. NOTE: I got distracted when I was defrosting my butter to soften and ended up with melted butter. Also, I did not chill the dough. Even so, the cookies ended up beautifully round.

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ANNE MARIE Z. May 28, 2016

These are amazing! At first i forgot to add the flour, I have no idea how... but I went back and read the recipe and then added the flour. Before I added the flour I made 3 cookies with Tabasco in it, they aren't that bad but would be better if I had put flour. After I put the flour in I made 4 with banana and lime and they look amazing but I have yet to try them. The regular ones are really good! I added 2 teaspoons of chili powder because I didn't have cayenne pepper. I going to try adding some vanilla and cinnamon next time I make this.

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jaynee357 September 28, 2015

Seriously my favorite cookie. So amazing!! I add a little more cayenne but that's it.

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Deanna E. March 08, 2015

I LOVED the chocolate/cayenne pepper combination. I will definitely be making this recipe again.

I did make some alterations that I wanted to note. First, I reduced the recipe to 20 servings, but for whatever reason, when I did that, the dough was far too dry. I added in an extra egg and that mostly solved the problem. In addition, I added a teaspoon of cinnamon for some extra spiciness, as well as a teaspoon and a half of vanilla.

The reason I gave this 4 stars rather than 5 is although I loved the flavors, the texture didn't seem quite right-- I guess I was expecting a slightly chewier cookie, and these came out more on the light side. I might try using vegetable oil instead of butter next time and seeing if that produces more of a dense cookie.

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Marielle86 October 30, 2012

Great soft cookie with lovely afterglow in the mouth!!!! I did not have the patience to refrigerate for an hour. My cookies were little mounds, they did not spread like the other pics....maybe that's cause other people added a bit of milk. Next time I think I will omit the chocolate chips and roll the dough into a log in wax paper and slice them. I like doing this cause I just bake a few at a time and then I always have fresh cookies. I am also not tempted to each them all!!!

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Ambervim April 23, 2012

I, being a bit of a bullheaded chef, did not follow the recipe. I did what I always do. I read it over, fell in love with it, got everything set up, then dumped everything into one bowl and stirred. And stirred. And stirred. It was very powdery. I sorta regret not having the patience to cream the sugar and butter. I solved it by adding a little water and a little milk, though.
Since I needed them for my sister's event, which she had to be at in about two hours, I skipped the refrigeration step too. Amazingly, these turned out great. They're full of flavor, leave a delightful tingle, and are beautifully soft and warm. My little sister tried one, and immediately asked for another. She also demanded I make them again some time. Therefore, five stars from me, on behalf of us both.

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Lady Dime March 31, 2012

I forgot to mention my alterations to this recipe! It's second nature to me now so it slipped my mind. I used spelt flour instead of all-purpose and soy-free Earth Balance instead of butter (a little less than the amount called for, as it's oily).

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saspicer August 26, 2011

Excellent! I followed the recipe to the letter. (The 2nd time) I did not use chocolate chips (they disappeared) the cayenne pepper (it disappeared) so I used the following white pepper, nutmeg and allspice. (These would give it a kick or bite like cayenne pepper. It was very thick stiff batter, so I added about 1/8 cup of milk, mixed and let it set in the frig, covered overnight. and baked the next morning. Wait until our son gets home, he loves "spicy hot foods" I know he used the missing items and my 1" ice cream scoop too. It is probably in a ice cream carton somewhere! Ha. Thanks for posting. I served with Rhubarb Crumble posted by Jenpo for a dinner party tonight! Delicious!!!

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Montana Heart Song June 16, 2010

I used Splenda white sugar & regular brown sugar. Taste great. Using a 1" cookie scoop, my recipe made 67 cookies. The one hour chill time should be added to the prep time.

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mdempsey66109 May 12, 2009

Great cookies, & a big hit with my friends! HOWEVER, droping the dough by the teaspoonful gave me almost 60 cookies, & that changes the 'Nutrition Facts' box considerably! Definitely a keeper!

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Sydney Mike February 25, 2008
Cayenne Chocolate Cookies