Cavolfiore Stufato (Italian Stewed Cauliflower)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

A simple, yummy recipe for the Zaar World Tour. Cauliflower is usually parboiled in order to reduce the smell which many find too strong. If however, the odor doesn't bother you, simply fry the florets in the oil and garlic without parboiling. Cover the pan and cook over a medium heat, gradually adding a few drops of warm water, if necessary.


  1. Parboil the cauliflower for five minutes in salted water(or cook in a steamer for ten minutes) then break it into florets.
  2. Put the garlic and oil into a large pan or flameproof dish, heat through and then add the cauliflower, turning it over gently.
  3. When it is well softened (about ten minutes) add the puréed tomatoes and then cover. Cook together gently for five minutes so that the flavours combine.
  4. Taste for salt, remove the garlic and serve hot.
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This was a good dish. I think it could have been more flavorful. I used 6 cloves of garlic and even added in some crushed red peppers and a bit of garlic powder to spruce it up once served. I LOVE tomatoes, and I LOVE garlic and I LOVE cauliflower but I think maybe more seasoning is needed in this for my taste. I will try this again and tweak a bit more since I felt it had huge potential for us. I used the steaming method for the cauliflower and I'm assuming the directions meant to state that you are to puree' the 1/2 pound of tomato. I diced mine and and sautee'd them with the garlic and crushed red peppers. Will keep working on this one. A great start! Thanks!

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This was a wonderful recipe, and a great way to do cauliflower instead of having the same old thing! Garlic and fresh pureed tomatoes mmmmm....! It went so fast, I only got a chance to take a photo when there were just a few little pieces left, sorry! Thanks for a keeper!

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LOVED it! But how can you go wrong with tomatoes and garlic?? Great recipe thanks!!