Cauliflower Rice - Low Carb

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This is a way to enjoy the texture of rice without cheating on the low carb diet. I had to add the salt as a recipe cannot be posted with only one ingredient.

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  1. Put the cauliflower through the food processor or chop by hand to a semi fine consistency.
  2. You can now steam, microwave or sauté with butter.
  3. Please do not overcook.
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We love cauliflower rice and make it often. Just wanted to let you know, it can be made just as well with frozen!! I zap the bag in the microwave for about 3 minutes (to soften - it will still be kinda frozen) then shred it in the food processor. I usually add a sprinkle of salt and a bit of butter and then throw it back in the microwave (covered) for 3-4 minutes to finish. We use it just like regular rice. The fresh is great - but when its not in season, the frozen is a LOT cheaper! HTH. :)

This was quite good. My husband said and I quote "This might just be better than rice". We served it under Trader Joe's Chicken Pasilla Chili and it was a hit. I used the fancy orange cauliflower and the 'rice' looked Spanish! I imagine it will look Indian when I make curry! Plus, if you like, you can steam it in a microwave safe bowl, depending on your watts, for a few minutes (don't add anything) and it comes out fluffy and gorgeous. Then add your pat of butter and serve!

Made this for dinner last night. It was so easy. I simply grated the head and placed it in the mircorwave for 5 minutes. A dash of salt and a tbsp of butter and wha la, a wonderful sub for rice. I paired this dish with Gordon's Seasoned Tilpia filets (found in the frozen section) and steamable garden medly veggies. So yummy and only took Ten Minutes to cook the entire meal. Great for Mom's on the go with little time to spare for cooking. I will most certainly be making this again. Maybe next time spice it up a bit with a dash of cinnamon and cumin prior to steaming in mircowave. We love our rice cooked that way so maybe it will work well with this concept too.