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Excellent! We enjoyed these very much. I followed the ingredient list, but fudged a bit on the preparation. In step 3, after I combined the cauliflower with the "batter", I just added the remaining panko onto them in the same bowl and gently tossed together. I then eased the entire gathering onto my oiled parchment and separated the cauliflower florets. Maybe I had a little more than 24 oz of cauliflower to begin with, and I probably used closer to 2 cups of panko, but I didn't take the time to individually lift each floret out of the breadings, and it turned out o.k. There weren't really any clumps of excess batter/breading to speak of. The flavor is good, a little zip, but subtle. This is a recipe that I will use again and look forward to. Thanks for sharing this, TattooedMamaof2!

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Chef Edlear March 01, 2009
Cauliflower Panko Pakoras