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It was excellent. We had thawed some catfish nuggets and was tired of deep fried. I saw this recipe and it "jumped out" at me as we both love stir fry. I was out of lemon juice so stubstitued with Zima (a hard lemon lime beverage). Hadn't been to the store yet so out of fresh veggies, used frozen California Blend instead. Also, added baby corn. To the rice I added Hoisin Sauce and Oyster Sauce. Put the recipe together as instructed. Even with the substitutions it was great! Can't wait until we have the fresh veggies and will try it again!

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s_griffin30 January 20, 2006

ack, sorry! I posted a review earlier saying that this wasn't good at all... it turns out that the rest of my family thought it was ok... Sorry! I guess I should have realized that I just don't like catfish in the first place. This recipe won't really mask up the disctinct flavor of catfish, so if you don't already like it, then I don't think you should try it... or maybe I made it incorrectly. Maybe someone else can make it and see how they think

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hippeastrum March 13, 2005
Catfish Stir-fry