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I'm addicted to my catalytic scent lamp, and have several brands of lamps, including the famous berger brand lampe. The fuel is expensive to buy, and I deceided to make my own. I use this instead of store bought fuel, but I'll admit it doesn't burn as cleanly.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 ounces rubbing alcohol (90% isopropyl-alcohol)
  • 12 teaspoon scented oil (essential oil)


  1. IMPORTANT: You must use a 90% strength isopropyl, or rubbing, alcohol. The 70% isopropyl alcohol contains too much water in the solution, and will not burn. You can find the 90% strength at drugstores on the same shelf next to the 70% solution.
  2. ALSO: Use the best undiluted quality oil as you can -- to check for purity, place one drop on a sheet of clean paper. The drop should completey evaporate if the essential oil is pure. If it leaves a greasy, oily spot, select another oil.
  3. CONVERSION NOTE: I measure my essential oils in ML, not OZ or other units. 1/2 teaspoon equals approximately 2ML.
  4. Open a 12oz bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Add the essential oil.
  6. Screw the cap back on. Shake to mix, and you're done!


Most Helpful

I love this recipe. I have one of these also, and it really does work. But, I'd suggest the first time using your lampe, use the fuel that they sell, to 'season' the stone and wick, and then this recipe works wonders. Don't use more oil for this recipe than indicated for a stronger fragrance, it won't burn well at all, and the fragrance doesn't intensify. I'd also suggest letting this set for a few hours, and it seems to burn better. Thanks Crowmama!

Jessicak61 February 03, 2008

Works every time!! Just don't go heavy on the fragrance, it will smoke. Wayyyy cheaper than name brand.

Swannsonng August 01, 2007

I have collected Lampe Berger?s for years and adore them I clean my stones in 90 percent alcohol once a month and never have a difficult time with the process of keeping an even burn. If you have found a recipe for a safe homemade solution, I?m elated. I?m a stickler for never contaminating my lamps with anything but the company oils and I?ve spent a fortune. So, Jessie and Swann, I?m going to search out the purest of the pure essential oil and go for it. Thanks, I just adore a good experiment!

leslieackel November 04, 2015

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