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We love cashews and Thai food, so this is a great find. The flavours are amazing and authentic. I'd make two changes. I used unsalted cashews and 1/2 teaspoon of salt, but still think it needs a bit more (and I'm trying hard to be good about not overdoing the salt). Also wished those yummy bits of fried shallots and garlic hadn't settled to the bottom of the serving dish, so I might stir half an egg white through the cashews before adding them to the pan at step 2. That ought to make those goodies stick to the cashews. Thanks Russ for unlocking the secrets to some fantastic Thai street food.

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Leggy Peggy May 11, 2012

Awesome! The shreds of lime leaves turned out delicately crispy, not chewy as I feared. Could have even more use for those.

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rosslare August 25, 2012
Cashews Thai Style