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This was wonderful! I don't know why but I got it very creamy without presoaking the cashews. I made it in my Thermomix where I have made nut butters before, so this was just kind of herbed nut butter and worked very well. First I powdered the nuts at highest speed, then added the other ingredients and processed at half speed until it was creamy. I will definitely make this again! Thanks for sharing!
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Mia in Germany April 01, 2012

This is really tasty, and you can whip it together with pantry staples which is great. The only thing that didn't quite make it 5* for me is that I don't think you could ever really get this to a smooth creamy consistency without presoaking the cashews. If I had added water it would have made it too runny. I was using it as a spread/dip so in the end I added some soft tofu to give it some extra volume and help the cashews along. You're absolutely right, this would be great with baked tofu or some roasted potatoes. Great flavour!

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magpie diner December 15, 2009
Cashew Herb Spread