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What a wonderful sub for cream! I was in a bit of a rush so I used boiling water to soak them and then waited a couple of hours. Not sure how it compares to the overnight soak, but I can say it was a perfect substitute and so easy to do.

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Wish I Could Cook March 17, 2013

This sauce is amazing!!! I love it as a substitute for any kind of cream or 1/2 &1/2 called in a recipe.A lot better for you then a animal based cream....lower saturated fats I do believe.Leaves no real flavor of its own.I can make it thick or thin as I have a vitamix that pulverizes everything.I never have to strain it once its blended.I have also made it with my Bullet brand blender system and it was quite acceptable.I used this as a base for cajun alfredo sauce...amazing! Also,used it in tetrazzini....amazing as well.Added it to a "cream" based corn chowder and the soup took on a sweeter corn taste.Possible because cashews have a bit of a sweet note.This recipe makes a bit much but I am freezing in an icecube tray to see if it does well.You know.throw a cube into a dish when needed.The time it takes to soak the cashews makes it so that you cant whip it up last minute.BTW...make sure it sits overnight completely!! Its very important or you might end up with little nut bits that wont blend up really well.I am thinking of trying it in a cup of coffee instead of cream....just to see how it does.I only wish raw cashews weren't so spendy!

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ChefWantABe October 13, 2011
Cashew Cream(Regular and Thick)