Cashew Chicken Delight

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Who doesn't love cashews? These lovely nuts are like no other. Their flavor is delicate and lost if cooked however. Be sure to add the cashews to this dish with all heat off at the very end when ready to serve. Simply scrumptious! Enjoy!

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  1. Tenderize and cut chicken into one inch pieces. Marinade in oyster sauce overnight. Cook rice until done yielding 3 cups cooked. Saute chicken and marinade in one Tablespoon olive oil until done. Thinly slice garlic and julienne carrots. Saute in olive oil for 5 minutes. Add broccoli and peppers and cook 7 minutes more. Drain bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, rinse thoroughly and add to vegetable mixture. Add seasonings and chicken and heat through. When ready to serve, toss in cashews, evenly distributing. Serve equal portions over 1/2 cup rice. Did in peanut sauce or season with soy sauce to taste. Enjoy!

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