Cashew Chicken

Recipe by Kim9260

I got this recipe from an ex boyfriend who made it for me in college. Only good thing I ever got from him!

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  1. Remove skin from chicken. Cut into 1 inch cubes.
  2. Prepare the seasoning sauce. Stir together water, sherry, soy sauce, syrup, vinegar, and cornstarch. Blend thoroughly and set aside.
  3. Add oil to wok or large pan. (Sometimes, I only use half the oil and pam, instead). Heat at 375 for about 2 minutes. Add chicken cubes; stir fry for 2 or 3 minutes or until chicken turns completly white.
  4. Make well in center; add peppers and cashews. Stir fry for 12 minutes. Make well in center and add onions, garlic, ginger and red pepper. Stir fry for 1 minute.
  5. Make well in center and add seasoning sauce. Bring to a boil without stirring for 1 minute- cook for an additional minute or until thickened, stirring rest of ingredients in with sauce.
  6. Serve over cooked rice.

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