Carrots and Raisins (Healthy Snack)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 1 min

This came from my mother who managed to grow two kids taller(and I mean taller!) then herself. We ate these carrots all the time! Overall is a great snack that is tasty. I suggest to adjust to your taste, some like it soggy some not, just don't make it in advance, will lose the carotene ;) Make sure to exclude raisins if prepared for infants or toddlers under 5. Use your own judgment but raisins ARE choking hazard.


  1. Place raisins in a small amount of water, so they plump up a little. (this step is optional) Grate carrots on a smallest part of your grater.
  2. Combine grated carrots, sour cream, raisins (take them out of water prior) and then add sugar (adjust to your taste).
  3. We love it just the way it is and my l'il one gets his nutrition.
  4. Beware, this combination may make your kids grow few inches taller. Carotene with sour cream and sugar is a dangerous mix for your kid's growth potential.
Most Helpful

Most of my family enjoys this recipe. I'm not much of a raisin fan, but I still think it's pretty tasty!

E_mazing July 07, 2015

I thought this was surprisingly good. I will add more raisins next time. Hubby was unimpressed, though. He doesn't like carrots much.

Chef Patience February 03, 2014

Handy little recipe. I don't like carrots or raisins much but could eat this. Husband liked it.

TahoeFans February 13, 2013