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I've made this twice so far and will definitely be making it occasionally in the future. Both times, it was a winner in my house, once for DH and myself, and once with a guest. It's quick and easy and makes a great variation for a breakfast 'main' dish! Thank you for sharing this recipe Angela!

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Cindy Lynn May 21, 2003

I made this exactly as the recipe was written and my results were nothing to rave about like the other reviewers had written. It was so-so, being that out of a family of five only my DH and son said it was ok. Personally I don't care for pumpkin pie and I thought this recipe had somewhat the same consistency. Sorry this recipe just doesn't fit our tastes, so I won't be making it again, but I don't doubt others would like it.

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Jul E January 30, 2004

Yummy!! A great alternative as a vegetable side dish. I too recommend using about half the sugar recommended in the recipe - its plenty sweet with this alteration. As a time saver, I will prepare the carrots early in the day to make the actual souffle preparation even quicker. I also lightly greased my baking pan although the directions didn't indicate it was necessary, I think it probably helps a bit. Thanks!

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jacobs mama January 17, 2004

What a great surprise!!! When you suggested this recipe I was reluctant to try it as I had never eaten or attempted to make anything quite like this before. Wow! I actually halfed the recipe not knowing how my family would take this new dish, but to my surprise it was absolutely delish! My kids, all three of them, fought for the last piece, which I might add, was only moments after we said grace!! My son kept asking "more carrots, muhlease(please)!" I will undoubtably make this again and I am truly glad that I have broadened my horizons and tried somthing out of our usual foods. Thank you so much for suggesting this recipe. I plan to make it again soon, and this time I will make the full recipe!

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* Pamela * June 15, 2003

This was wonderful! I didn't use the cinnamon or nutmeg because we like the the custardy carrot taste and that's exactly what we got but this exceeded our expectations. Thanks for sharing will make often.

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kaec November 11, 2007

This was an amazing recipe! We only used 1/4 C sugar (because we don't eat alot of sweets) but it was more than sweet enough and very delicious! And my co-workers ate all the left overs the next day when I brought it in to work! My DH kept saying it almost tasted like "Sweet Pototoe Pie" You must try this. It is incredible!

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deb k April 29, 2003

I actually have a similar recipe to this, and I serve it as a side dish. I make a crumble top of Grape Nuts cereal, brown sugar, cinnamon and butter and cover the top with the mixture as it bakes. It carmelizes and is a nice crunchy topping!! I even eat this cold!!

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Sugabee43 November 01, 2010

Like several reviewers, I used my handy immersion blender for this & halved the sugar to get a version less dessert-like & more vegetable in taste. It was still sweet, but more pleasantly so as a vegetable side dish to our roast duck dinner on Christmas Eve that combined a variety of flavors. As a veggie, you could prob reduce the sugar further. As a dessert, adding some crushed pineapple to the mix would likely take it to a new level. It is such a great recipe & makes you want to find as many ways as poss to use it. Thx for sharing it w/us.

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twissis December 25, 2006

This was a huge hit at Christmas brunch and I've made it again since. My grandson is a veggie-phobe, but loves pumpkin pie. He therefore also adores this stuff, as do the rest of us. I just put all ingredients into my food processor and pulsed until the steamed carrots were finely minced, no need to mash first. I also used raw sugar and whole wheat flour. Thanks for a scrumptious, easy, and healthy way to get carrots into an 8 year old boy (and his mother!).

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Vina January 08, 2006

What a great recipe! My 3 year old especially loved this dish. UPDATE to 4/2/05 review: I made this souffle for my Passover seder this year and people thought it was the best food I served. This time I used an equal amount of cake meal instead of flour. I left out baking powder because I couldn't get any. Instead I separated the eggs and whipped the whites with a mixer until they were stiff peaks. I tripled the recipe and poured into a baking pan.

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aviva April 26, 2005
Carrot Souffle