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Jan's been on my mind lately and I decided to have a good look at her recipes. It's a good thing I did, since this salad is the perfect thing to take to my hosts for dinner tomorrow night. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to make this again, since I've been picking away at it since last night and there's not much left for my friends. I doubled the garlic to keep the vampires at bay ;-) Thanks Jan, good on you!

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Mirj May 09, 2002

I made these with a spicy North African chicken dish, and they were perfect together! I used whole baby carrots and steamed them for about five minutes.

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MaryMc October 01, 2007

I made the warm version of this to accompany Jan S's "Chicken with prunes, apricots and honey" and "Cumin Potatoes". I didn't like the aroma of the spice mix when I cooked it up and almost didn't add the carrots, but the finished product had a very pleasant flavour and I will definately make the recipe again. Simple to make and something different.

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Tess October 19, 2002

I ran this through the food processor, and served it as a dip at a potluck party. It's great to have inexpensive, easy, vegetarian dishes to take to potlucks, so I will be adding this to my repertoire. The reaction to this was mixed though - people either thought it was great or didn't like it much at all. Coriander and cooked carrots are not universal favourites, as it turns out. However, if you do like them, this is a great little recipe.

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Jenny Sanders December 06, 2003
Carrot Salad