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The inside carrot part of this thing is AWESOME! I will definitely make that as a baked side dish all by itself in the future. It's very tasty and has a "pot pie" reminiscence about it. As far as the rest of the recipe with the crust and all though... it was WAY too much crust to attempt to balance out the inside, and the crust was a little of a pain (doesn't want to roll out very well), so it was annoying to avoid it while eating after it took so much effort. Have to say though that it did create one of the best smells through the house (I think it was the cider vinegar in the crust that did that. I'd never heard of adding cider vinegar to a dough before, and it created a really nice savory smell.) Perhaps if crust is wished, I'd say half the recipe, and criss-cross it over the top only. Seems like it should bake just fine in a corning instead of a loaf pan.

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VeggiesPhorMe December 29, 2009

I admit I cheated, I didn't make my own pie crust - it's not my thing so this review is for the filling itself. The rice has this nice chewy texture, the onions, carrots and cheese mix to give it a great flavor. I will definitely make this again and may skip the crust all together. We used it as a side dish but I could see it as a main dish when paired with a salad or even a nice soup.

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Mysterygirl October 02, 2006
Carrot Pie