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Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! I made this exactly as written and it was perfect ... even before I finished it and topped with the icing! We'll be making this often! Thank you for posting!

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Glori-B March 11, 2010

LOVED IT...Great recipe, love the spice blend...used my nut/seed grinder and the old mortar and pestle to get the caraway seeds I buy in bulk to the right grind grade to my liking...used my food processor to do the mixing at the start and went in with the wooden spoon and elbow grease to finish off...placed it in a shaped mold pan (i like to do that with RAW cakes ...it helps my presentation in case the cut pieces aren't "perfect" in a "martha" way... however this cake slices nicely :))...decorated the top with nuts and dried fruit...THE ICING IS HEAVENLY!!!! -THANKS so much Chef JoeyZ. for a superb recipe!! NUM-YUM!!!!

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free-free December 07, 2008

I went to a friend's for dinner yesterday and she served this for dessert. It is fabulous! She sent the recipe home with me and I'll definitely be making this one often.

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Messy Girl October 06, 2008

I made this recipe as cupcakes and then took them to a college class to expose the students to raw foods. Two people asked me for the recipe! This is a delicious dish to serve to people trying raw food for the first time. They were very surprised to learn the icing was cashews and not cream cheese!

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jajabarton October 03, 2008

This is really tasty and the frosting is totally wow! (probably the coconut butter!) The texture isn't cake-like, but it really tastes good. (Maybe expecting "cake" to have a cake-y texture is a raw foods newbie mistake?) I made half a batch and only wanted to use as much spices as truly needed. I used 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp cardamom, and about 1/16 tsp each of ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. Oh, and I used honey because I don't have agave. Thanks for the great recipe! I made it for my birthday cake! :) (Also it was a tag for Healthy Choices ABC.)

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mliss29 October 02, 2008

I'm giving this five stars before even trying it! I'm experimenting more and more with raw foods, and the one puzzler was how to do sweets...I think that this, cut into small bite-sized squares, will be a perfect offering at morning coffee gatherings, or bridge parties. Thanks!

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La Dilettante August 29, 2011
Carrot & Orange Cake With Cashew Cream Icing