Carrot Marmalade

Total Time
1hr 45mins
1 hr
45 mins

This is an amazingly good marmalade. I got the recipe from the Canadian Farm Cookbook of 1911. I used to make plain Seville orange marmalade but I like this better. It only makes three jars, but unlike most recipes for preserves, it does very well when doubled. If you love marmalade, you will want to!

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  1. Wash the lemon and orange and shred them finely.
  2. Keep all the seeds from both, and put them in a clean new tea ball, or sew them into a scrap of cheesecloth.
  3. Put the canning jars in a large kettle with enough water to come to an inch above the rims.
  4. Turn the heat on just after you add the sugar and carrots to the marmalade- jars must be boiled 10 minutes to be sterilized.
  5. Put the lemon and orange shreds and juice in a large, broad pot with the water and the seeds, and boil for ten minutes.
  6. Wash, peel and grate the carrots.
  7. Add the carrots and sugar to the peels.
  8. Continue boiling until the marmalade is thick and forms a sheet when poured from the spoon, about 30 minutes longer.
  9. Fish out the seeds, draining them well.
  10. Seal the marmalade in sterilized jars and process in boiling water for 5 minutes.