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I am a huge fan of Indian food, and this recipe will be added to my favourites. I loved the sweet element of the raisins and orange juice (couldn't add the banana because DH is allergic) with the savoury spices. I used brown mustard seeds, and roasted them in the oil until they turned gray and popped, then added a few fresh curry leaves and the rest of the spices, following the recipe instructions. After 30 minutes of simmering, the sauce had turned to a glaze, so using the optional cornstarch was not necessary. Thank you for submitting this delicious recipe.

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Sweet Baboo March 09, 2008

I have HAD the "Vegetarian Epicure" since it came out and have used this recipe many times. Tonight I put a couple of pieces of crystallized ginger (chopped) in it. I used the corn starch, but probably didn't need to. I used to make German Rice Ring a lot--think I will do it again if my cucumbers ever ripen! And ever since my children were little in the 70s, Peirniki have been a Christmas tradition.

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Susan M. October 13, 2014

I'm giving this a 5 star but I must admit that my DW and DD were not as impressed as I was. I thought it was great, I really like all of the flavors. BTW, I did not have to use the cornstarch.

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Maryland Jim May 14, 2008

Very interesting but tasty. I have a ton of carrots and oranges, so this recipe was perfect. I followed all of the directions, except used oil spray instead of butter. The banana was fantastic and really made this dish. I loved how it sort of melted into a creamy, sweet sauce. I did not need the cornstarch. The sweet flavor went well with the carrots and the raisins were delish as well. I served this over brown rice. Thanks for posting this recipe! I have the book it came from as well, and it never crossed my mind to make this.

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VegSocialWorker February 04, 2008
Carrot Curry