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I couldn't wait to try these and right enough I ended up making them today. I substituted the orange rind with 2 tbsps. of orange essence and these are for sure " YUMMMMMMMMMMY "! I really enjoyed having them this evening with some tea. Thank you for this easy and nutritious cookie. I also made some of these with a little(2-3 drops) food colour. I used pink and green food colours and hence, I made what I've most happily called "Stained carrot cookies".

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Charishma_Ramchandani January 09, 2002

These were good, reminded me of a cake doughnut. I discovered an easy way to make the grated orange peel --Used paring knife to cut off pieces of orange peel, put them in food processor, added the egg and 1/3 cup of the flour and gave it a spin until orange bits were small enough, then added it to sugar/butter mixture. These cookies and my carrot cookies are very different in texture and flavor

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Sharlene~W April 12, 2005

These were GREAT! Loved the combination of carrots with a hint of orange. It gave such a light, refreshing flavor--not too sweet.

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Lightly Toasted April 14, 2003

What a nutritious cookie!! Just right to go with my breakfast of mostly fruits. Went right on and made them and they tasted very good!! As you can see in the posted picture, I've added 1/4 cups (50 grams) each of raisins, and assorted nuts (most of the nuts are chopped up). Also, the cookies in the photo look darker because I substituted whole wheat flour and oatmeal for the flour. I also substituted vegetable oil for the butter, and added 1/4 tsp of nutmeg and a dash of clove. The total oil and sugar were cut by 1/4.

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milliwuu June 28, 2006

they taste great with chocolate chips! and we added half the sugar and they were great too.

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kristenarnold6 December 14, 2009

I almost didn't make them because they looked so heavy and bulky in the picture. Simply not so. I'm so glad I aquiesed. These cookies are light and fluffy and require about 4 carrots and the rind of 3 large oranges. That's a lot of grating. But well worth it and fun to make with the kids. A bit of nutmeg didn't hurt. Neither would clove, though I didn't use any. I could barely keep myself from eating the whole batch. I mixed whole wheat with white flour and it was perfect! Half and half. I also put a bit MORE than a dash of salt, and don't regret it for a moment. Very light and savory. Took longer than 12 min to cook. Maybe double that. A light brown on the cookies was the perfect indicator. I am also cooking at a high altitude. Also, I was cooking at 180 celcius..which is a bit too low. They probably could have cooked at 200C or 200C for part of the way. Either way, if you don't mind the extra wait for doneness then cooking at the lower temp might be the best bed. Dont' be afraid if the dough looks crumbly at first. I was using a hand mixer and stopped and used a wooden spoon for the final "dump" of flour and carrot. After sufficient mixing it was no longer crumbly and was quite firm but still very maliable. Excellent recipe that I don't mind the kids eating over and over. Oh, and I used brown sugar in large granuels. My cookies came out very smooth, not lumpy at all. Can't even tell that there are grated carrots in there, it is all just very smooth and well blended. I'm confused by the picture actually. Mine looked nothing like that with a lovely light orange-y color.

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Food Snob in Israel May 16, 2007

These are seriously good! They have a light consistency, (we were calling them "cookie scones"), and are super easy to make. Added dried cranberries and some nutmeg along with spelt flour and some oatmeal for part of the flour. I will probably reduce the sugar just a bit next time. Will definitely make again, thanks for posting.

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limeleaf January 13, 2013

This is a tasty, moist cookie that I'm so happy to make for my kids. Healthy & yummy, all at once.

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LilBit6_2 April 04, 2012

DELICIOUS! I added chopped pecans and a dash of nutmeg and baked them a few minutes longer than stated, just until bottoms are golden brown.

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rjcattalini March 25, 2011

I got a new carrot juicer and wanted to use the used carrot. The spent carrot was in the consistency of chunks. They came out great!!!! Everybody in my office loves them and have requested more "Carrot Scones"

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Abba Gimel September 21, 2010
Carrot Cookies