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Mirj Momma! This cake is FABULOUS! I made it this evening and it was gone in seconds! We were sort of celebrating a bit today since I got my Information Technology Sem II marksheet all the way from India this morning(and I got an overall 68.33%-First Class!) and bro. got his MS-Access certificate from NIIT, I decided not want to let the day breeze off without atleast a cake. More than anything, I really miss you not being on Zaar, and more than that, when I think of how these days are on you and your family right now, it brings tears to my eyes. By the time you get to seeing this review, I pray and sincerely hope you are in great health. This cake is truly good. I did not do the icing as we don't use cream cheese(weight loss!)and didn't have it on hand. I halved the recipe for the cake and made it in my AMC Dutch Oven. It took 1 hour 15minutes to bake. The cake was on the less sweet side. This was the biggest reason for its success, I think. The external auditor of the company dad is working for came over to dad's office this evening and I sent half the cake to the office for the guys to eat and enjoy. The auditor had 5 huge pieces and really praised it to the skies. He said he has made up his mind not to have dinner at home, and, kept picking up piece after piece of the cake:) I nibbled on the crumbs that kept falling off when I was slicing the cake. This cake is nice and moist - the knife just sinks into it! It has the perfect amount of spice as well. Loved it from the soul. THANK YOU for sharing, and, we all wish for you to get well soon!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 16, 2002

I got this recipe from Bon Appetit way back in the 90's and this was the recipe that I always went to! But over the years I have tried to get into a healthier eating and although this cake is very good...it has way to much sugar and oil for my liking. I think most of the oil could be replaced with applesauce and I am sure that the sugar could be cut down to 1 cup to bring everything into proportion. I brought this cake into work one day and alot of the cake was partially eaten and most went into the garbage... because it was way too rich! There are other recipes out there that are equally as good but not so high in the calories that I would go to before coming back to this one!!!

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Abby Girl April 16, 2009

We made the icing of this recipe for a birthday cake, and used red food coloring for a pink french vanilla cake. Yummy. Delecible. Terrific! We can see using it on cinammon rolls, even pancakes! Thanks Mirj. -B&B-

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2Bleu December 18, 2007
Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing