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Very tasty. My food processor grating attachment made the carrots too coarse so I took my immersion blender to the mixture between step #2 and #3. My first attempt turned out a bit too wet so I had to roll the dough into balls and dip in milk powder for a kind of truffle looking thing. Next time, I'll really cook out the water in step #2. Delicious and pretty nutritious for a dessert!

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Waterskater January 27, 2008

Just made this today very simple recipe and turned out very nice. Better watch the carrots at the end of the hour almost burned my carrots because i was not watching it and stirring as i should have been.

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Mosum October 07, 2007

I just made this today.It looks very good to me.I garnished the top with slivered almonds, and I also made only 1/3rd of the recipe.Put it in a rectangular baking dish.I will post again on how it turned out in taste,though texture-wise,it looks good to me.Thanks for the recipe. UPDATE:This turned out really good.The pieces held their shape.I am impressed.Thanks a lot for posting this.

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sweetybaby August 30, 2006

Awesome burfi, Kusum! This one is so yummy and so easy to put together. I halved the recipe and made it for deesert this afternoon. Came out fantastic. I had no problems at all in the instructions and cooked this to perfection! I am so happy with the end result. It is incredible. I used 23 green cardamoms{we always like a little more cardamom} for this.{Please note once again: I halved the recipe}. I will make this many many times because of its simplicity and awesome end result! Thank you very very much for sharing this. Happy New Year! UPDATE: This barfi tasted very yummy today{which means this tastes better the next day after being refrigerated for 24 hours once made and cooled down to room temperature}. A real yummy way to enjoy this if you want it to be a little more sinful, it to put some barfi in a bowl and drizzle some Nestle Sweetened Condensed Milk over it and then grab a spoon and indulge;) It tastes YUMMY! Thanks again, Kusum! I can't wait to see my dad and brother enjoy this one once they are back home tomorrow:) UPDATE ONCE AGAIN: My dad and brother enjoyed it immensely. We even had some guests over the other day and they loved it alot. I made it again yesterday and today, half the tray has been eaten! lol..you have a REAL WINNER here! Once again, thank you so much for posting this!{From my dad and brother, this time}

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Charishma_Ramchandani January 18, 2005
Carrot Burfi