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Oh wow! If you guys are looking for something that's a great change of pace, you have got to try this recipe! These were moist, tender and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!!! The batter was a light orange color, but they cooked up a lovely harvest golden color. I was already half-way through mixing them up when I realized that I'd used up all of my nutmeg this week and forgot to buy more when I got groceries Friday night, so I added a pinch of allspice instead (for anyone wondering, no, allspice is not a combination spice--it is in the pimento family, with a taste somewhat like that of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves combined). I also used a half teaspoon of cinnamon, but I think as much as we love cinnamon, I could have used up to a teaspoon and been fine. We had these as a late brunch with smoked link sausages, orange juice, milk and maple syrup. I suspect they would also be good with sorghum. love4culinary, thank you for sharing a winning pancake recipe. Even DH says he definitely wants to have these again!

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Cindy Lynn March 30, 2003

We had these for our Sunday brunch, delicious and melt in the mouth pancakes like the others mentioned. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us love4culinary! Oh, and I forgot to mention that they did look beautiful, they colored just the way you said!!

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Pets'R'us April 07, 2003

Excellent! These were light & fluffy and rich tasting. My family gobbled these up and had no clue that there were carrots in them. These were not only a good way to add some veggies to your meal, but were also great tasting pancakes.

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HeatherFeather April 13, 2003

GREAT pancakes! No one guessed there were carrots in there and it got 5 stars from everyone, even DH (the pancake king!) I substituted 1/2 the regular flour with oat flour and they cooked up nice and light and melt-in-your-mouth just like Cindy Lynn said.

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yogi April 05, 2003

This was an enjoyable change. I thought the carrot taste was a bit intense, but perhaps that was b/c my carrots were larger, or b/c we had carrot souffle last night. First of all, I melted the butter, although instructions did not specify that. I chopped the carrots in my little chopper, then added them to my blender. My 4 fairly large carrots made 2 cups, packed, of carrot pcs. When I added them to the blender, they mixed up so quickly that I wonder if I had needed to chop them so small first. But with just this much in my blender, it was full, so I transferred the mixture to a deep mixing bowl to add the remaining ingredients. I was pleased, too, at the nice browning that occurred while cooking, but my husband still asked about the "orange pancakes". I added a few chopped pecans to the pancakes before flipping, and they added wonderful flavor. I agree that only pure maple syrup should be enjoyed with these pancakes; it was a nice flavor compliment. If I make them again, I will try subbing 1/2 whole wheat flour and honey for the sugar.

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annlouise February 17, 2005

This was my first try at making pancakes right from scratch and OH MY GOD!!! they were soooo good. Followed the recipe exactly and had them with honey and some whipped cream...ooops ;-) They were amazingly delicious.

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nickee February 13, 2005

Excellent recipe! My husband loved this! Very light and fluffy .. These also freeze wonderfully .. I will make this again! Thanks!

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najwa September 30, 2004

Oh my stars, these pancakes were just out-of-this-WORLD!...what a wonderful flavor..a great change from the everyday pancake... I had so many carrots in my fridge that had to be used up, I had this recipe in my cookbook, and I am so happy I made this...I made these for Sunday brunch for my DH, my son, and his girlfriend, I doubled the recipe, but I will have to triple it next time, everyone just gobbled these down like it was their last meal, there were nothing leftover...every pancake was eaten...thanks you so much Love4, for such a wonderful pancake recipe, my family enjoyed it so much...I will be making these again for sure, are another one of your winners for sure!....KC

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Kittencal@recipezazz April 14, 2004

I really enjoyed these pancakes. They were incredibly filling, and I could only eat one large one. I think I added a little too much nutmeg, will try less next time. Oh, they heat up very nicely wrapped in paper towels.

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AmbyDawn December 12, 2003

We have pancakes for supper at least once/month. Your recipe was outstanding. The pancakes were light and tender with an unexpected beautiful color. I use 1/2 t. each of cinnamon and nutmeg. I was afraid of overdoing it but think I will add a little more next time. Topped with a little butter and maple syrup. Family and I thank you for sharing your recipe.

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ratherbeswimmin' November 25, 2003
Carrot Breakfast Pancakes