Carrot and Cheese Cookies for Dogs

Total Time
Prep 1 hr
Cook 16 hrs

Cooking time also includes the 15 hours in closed oven.


  1. Place the oven rack in the center of the oven and pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place 1 slightly greased baking sheet on the side.
  2. Use a large bowl and a wire whisk to mix the.
  3. whole-wheat flour, the unbleached all-purpose.
  4. flour, cheese, and cooked beef, carrots and garlic powder together.
  5. Use a separate smaller bowl to beat the egg with an electric mixer on medium speed until it is foamy, and then beat the chicken broth in it.
  6. Next, blend both the dry and wet preparation.
  7. together with a spoon or use your hand until it becomes a soft dough and starts to pull away from the bowl it is inches If it is too dry add a teensy bit more broth to it.
  8. Slightly flour a flat surface and turn the dough onto it. Use a rolling pin to roll it out to 1/2inch of thickness.
  9. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the cookies shapes (whatever shape your dog likes).
  10. and make sure to reuse the scraps as you go. You will notice that the dough will become stiffer as you work it.
  11. Put the cookies on the set aside prepared baking sheet and place them in the oven. Bake for around 18 to 20 minutes or until the cookies have acquired a golden brown color and look dry.
  12. Then remove them from the oven and place the tray over a rack and allow the cookies to cool completely.
  13. Turn the oven off.
  14. Once the cookies have cooled, put them back inside the warm oven and allow them to sit in there undisturbed without opening the oven door for 10 to 15 hours straight.
Most Helpful

I agree with MarlaM. My father gave our dogs beer, onions, garlic and bathed them in used motor oil (yah, gross I know but he believed it killed mites) and our dogs lived a long life but that doesn't mean they were not slowly being poisoned. As an adult I don't go by old wives tales or dark age remedies. I do my homework and do right by my dogs. Don't feed your dogs garlic.

jlongly July 03, 2008

FYI, garlic does have an ingredient, thiosulphate, that may be toxic to dogs and cats, but only in very large amounts. Garlic in small amounts is actually considered to be benefical to animals. My dad always gave our dogs garlic powder on their food, because he heard it kept the fleas away and those dogs all lived to be 17-18 years old!

MarlaM August 13, 2007

Dogs should not have garlic...Garlic is toxic for dogs!!

kjindra04 August 12, 2007