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Wow! This cleans BETTER than store bought cleaners, and just leaves a fresh, clean scent. The only modification I made was to make this "extra strength" because our shampooer mixes the solution with water in the machine. Thanks for posting! A great money saver!

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My2Suns January 21, 2008

I never buy carpet cleaner anymore. It works wonderful.

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quitoslady #2 September 04, 2010

This formula works well for me. I have a Hoover steam vac and I have white carpet with two dogs and four cats. This cleans even the toughest stains. I add the hot water to the receptable first, then I add the cleaning solution so that it doesn't bubble up and over the top. Also, I actually boil the water for the solution.

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Sauce Lover March 12, 2010

eta... this stuff works on kitchen/bathroom floors, counters, cabnets, appliances, etc., with little effort. I will always have the ingredients on hand. I am full tilt on this side and will no longer spend money on store products. This absolutely does the job, without the perfumy smell. Just smells clean when done. Having borrowed my mothers Oreck and not wanting to pay the price of their product, I was able to get my hands on several old containers (why do they all have to try & make it so difficult? Buy our product cuz nothing else on the market will be compatible to this machine?). They were tricky, but a little ingenuity (and a 'flavor injector') solved that problem. My girlfriend used it today with equally good results. I've passed this on to everyone I can think of, and they are passing it on. It did not get up all the stains (nor did I expect it to, there are some really tough ones here) it did much better than I expected. For the price, I can steam clean my carpet for a year (or even years) for less than one time with their product.

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ala-kat June 21, 2010

A great recipe and a $$$$ saver. I have used this on furniture and to spot clean my carpets. I highly recommend it. When I'm ready to clean the whole carpet I will use this in my Hoover steam Vac. I can't believe I've been paying mega bucks for the cleaner in a gallon, and this works better.

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herbsnflowers April 16, 2008

This is very strange. For some reason it showed that I commented and gave it 3 stars saying it barely worked and I haven't even tried it yet! I came on here to try it today and saw that somehow I had already commented. Hmmm... I apologize and will give my REAL comment later when I actually try it! *Edited* I tried it for real this time! I love it! I had stains on my upolstery forever and this got it right out! No more wasting 20 bucks on a name brand!

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CrystalRN April 21, 2007

Amazing!! Used this recipe on the gross carpet of the rental my DH is staying in while working away from home. It stunk like so many horrible things. We rented a cleaner and used your recipe and all the bad smells are gone! I can't thank you enough for sharing this recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview August 31, 2013

The best carpet (& much more) cleaner I've ever used! I had about 1/4 bottle of a name brand cleaner left to use in my steam cleaner. I cleaned a section of the family room & when I ran out I filled the container w/this cleaner. I couldn't believe how much cleaner the carpet with this formula then the name brand. Per other reviews I used this cleaner on other things (baseboards, doors, walls, floors, shutters...) yes, I cleaned my whole house with this stuff! I love it so much I wrote the formula on my steam cleaner.

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gigicastro August 31, 2013

This stuff rocks! Better than any store bought cleaner for a quarter of the price. I used regular ammonia with a few drops of orange oil. My carpets look great, no funky chemicals.. thanks for posting!

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GIBride01 August 01, 2013

I actually used the gallon container for a name brand cleaner (just a little was left, but with the cost $15+ who can throw it out?)thoroughly rinsed of any residue, to mix this recipe. I cleaned the upholstry of my dining room chairs, pale cream fabric, and they came out better than when I used the name brand cleaner! I assumed I needed to mix it for my machine like the name brand's directions (one or two caps for the fluid container, I normally used two). So, for about 5 dollars, I can buy this recipe from scratch and actual cost is sooo small! Besides this being normal household goods, I know exactly what I'm using! Thank you for a really useful recipe! This is what I will use from now on! 5+ stars for the recipe and environmental health! Blessings and Best Wishes, Kissamew PS I recently read online in a different forum that Apple Cider Vinegar somehow stops pets from returning to the same stain spot. I have no idea if this works or if the vinegar does not stain, white vinegar does not stain March2013

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KissaMew March 26, 2013
Carpet Cleaner for Steam Cleaning Machine