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We loved this! Fried at 350, it came out perfect. Make sure you don't over crowd the pan or it brings the temp down, and then when you turn it up you can take a chance of burning the chicken!

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Chef Charlee August 23, 2009

Update: A year later and this is still gracin our tables! Definitely a KEEPER! Thank you for such a fantastic recipe! Wonderful! Flavorful! Followed your directions exactly and it was not greasy at all. I found I was out of Kosher salt and had to sub regular salt- NOTE Kosher salt is much less salty and the correct ratio is about 2:1 so maybe the previous chef who thought it was too salty used regular salt in the measurements stated for Kosher? I did not find this salty at all. I used 1/3 cup table salt in the marinade and 1 1/2 teaspoons in the milk/egg wash. This was so moist and flavorful I know that I will be using this recipe from now on to fry chicken. We like our chicken spicy so I will try adding some cayenne in the future. Thank you for this fabulous recipe!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) July 19, 2007

My family has been asking me to make fried chicken. I've made many different recipes over the years but haven't found the "keeper" recipe -- until now! The chicken was so moist and the coating was very crispy. i have never brined chicken before but it was pretty easy and I'll definitely do it again. The only tweaks I'm going to make is to increase the amounts of sweet paprika, hot sauce and pepper since we all agreed the coating was a bit bland and needed to be kicked up a notch or two. Other than adding more spices, the chicken was perfect -- a definite keeper. Thank you NcMysteryShopper for posting this recipe!!

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LisaLouWho July 13, 2013

I only used 1 chicken, 8 pieces because it was only the two of us. The chicken itself was moist & delicious, but maybe I used too much flour & not enough seasoning in the buttermilk mixture beause I found it a little bland. I always use less figuring I can add but not take away. I will use this recipe again but kick it up a notch or so. This was my first time making fried chicken, so I'm sure it was all me!

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Anne F. July 03, 2016

Yesterday I had the joy of being able to make a Happy thirty first Birthday Celebration dinner for my youngest child. Thank you for your chicken recipe and thank you review writers for your good ideas. This review comes from everyone that attended this party. Due to a temporary health problem I cannot swallow so although I made the chicken I did not get to enjoy tasting it with a nice big crunchy bite. So dear hearts everyone truly loved the moist, non-greasy and tasty chicken (their words). After reading all the excellent reviews I added to the buttermilk batter a teaspoon each of: onion powder, thyme and Keens mustard. Oh yes I almost forgot instead of sweet paprika I substituted smoky paprika, sweet paprika is new to me but hopefully my husband will be able to find it before I make this recipe again. For a person who never did grocery shopping on his own for the last forty plus years my husband is doing a great job and is quite enjoying the task, I might just let him keep up the good work when I get back up and running again. He is not a chauvinist pig, (chuckle) now that he is semiretired he has a bit more time also I coveted the shopping task to be mine, part of my ?Loving To Cook? attitude. Also for what it is worth I used a corn oil for frying and I ended up having to use my large wok as one of my frying pans. To my surprise the chicken looked a bit nicer than the chicken cooked in the fry pan. Thank you and I will most definitely make this chicken again.

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meonpause4dogs March 02, 2015

Sorry but I made this recipe and found the chicken coating to be way too bland. I think the inside of the chicken was moist, but the coating lacked flavor. I just tasted too much of the flour and not enough spice on the coating. I also really didn't taste the buttermilk.

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chefRD July 26, 2012

very good indeed! first time i have ever made fried chicken and it was a success! i omitted the sugar and added onion powder and garlic powder to the flour. the whole family loved it,will definately be making this again :)

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^RoSe^ June 10, 2010

First time cooking fried chicken ever! Very good!!!

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MaddieLC May 05, 2010

Awesome fried chicken recipe. I did reduce the sugar to ¼ cup, but used the full amount of salt and washed well after marinating. I think next time I will definitely reduce the amount of salt, it was quite salty. Other than that, it produced moist meat with a nice and crispy coating that stuck to the chicken quite well. I call this recipe a success!

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Doc's Mom April 08, 2010

Everyone that was at dinner last night said this recipe is a definate keeper. Moist and crunchy. But I on the other had thought it was too sweet for fried chicken. The coating was crispy, not very flavorful either, but I couldn't get past the sweetness of the chicken. Next time I will definately tweek this recipe.

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tmp68 August 24, 2009
Carolina Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken