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I really liked this recipe and so did the coworker I shared it with. I wasn't surprised to like it since I'm a fan of spinach artichoke dips:) I modified just a bit but don't think what I did effected the overall taste of the dish. I did half and half with Mayo and Sour Cream, some black pepper, some hot sauce (Franks) and I had a cup of shredded Italian blend cheese to use up and tossed that in there as well. I broiled a bit at the end to crunch up the top--watch closely to prevent burning. I loved this and plan to make it and the guy at work loves it too! Thank you.

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dmac085 October 12, 2006

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin. This was positively superb! I did add a lil' cream cheese and black pepper into the mayo mixture, just couldn't help myself. We all inhaled this stuff like it was ambrosia. This is going on the top of my dinner list. Thanks Sandi for submitting this heavenly creation.

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Okie Chef December 09, 2006

We had this last night for dinner. I actually made it with Miracle Whip Light (NOT fat-free, which I hate) because it was what I had the most of on hand. Incredibly easy for a night I didn't have much time to cook. And it got raves! Recommended for any busy cook.

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echo echo September 09, 2005
Carole's Friend Marilyn's Artichoke Chicken