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Oh my this is delicious. I think because I haven't had a hot chocolate since I was a child. DD (toddler) was feeling kind of down with a cold so I thought this wasn't too unhealthy with a few changes to make her happy. She loves it!!! I used carob syrup which doesn't have added sweetner (dibis karoub in Middle Eastern stores) because that is what I had, tapioca starch to be corn free (thickens about the same consistency) We do not do soy so I used evaporated milk with some water added. We try to be dairy free that's why it was canned! I used a wonderful vanilla paste which has vanilla bean in it and no alcohol added and like another reviewer I sweetened ours with honey to be healthier. I also made this higher class by spicing some of it up with Mixed Spice - Traditional Old Fashioned English Pudding Spice. I would make this again when someone who shouldn't have chocolate craves some.

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UmmBinat September 16, 2010

great alternative for kids....my 3 yr old loves chocolate but i dont want her having it too much especially at bedtime. i omitted the cornstartch, used organic milk, and used 1/2 tsp honey rather than sugar...she loved it. very easy to make; carob is a great alternative to chocolate especially for kids; thanks for sharing this recipe!

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jennifer in new jersey October 23, 2006

Great alternative to hot cocoa. A healthy 'chocolate' fix for sure, thank you for posting this!

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Plumeseed October 22, 2006
Carob "cocoa", Hot