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Having filled the freezer with beef this recipe made for a delicious pot roast for a package of rump roast. Loved the addition of onions and used freshly ground cracked pepper. Marinating made for tender beef. I enjoyed the sauce - but next time will only use half the saved marinade and sub the rest with broth to make everyone happy. And yes there will be a next time for this Portuguese pot roast. Thank you for sharing.

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Gerry July 01, 2009

This was delicious. Due to some real life issues, I ended up cooking this one night (snitching a piece to taste, YUM), refrigerating it, and then reheating it the next night. To make sure that it didn't get tough during the reheat, I made a quick gravy from the cooking liquid I saved from last night, then added about half of the onions and used my immersion blender to make it an oniony gravy (as my family is not big on big chunks of onion). Then I sliced the cold roast thinly and submerged each slice and the rest of the onions in the gravy and let it simmer slowly while I fixed the rest of dinner. It was just as yummy and tender as the night before! Thank you for posting. Made for ZWT5, for the Groovy GastroGnomes.

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CraftScout June 14, 2009

My son and I loved it but the rest of my family didn't care for it. I used a good Cabernet Sauvignon and reduced the sauce to pass at the table. Made for ZWT5.

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Julie B's Hive June 12, 2009

I don't do many pot roasts but this recipe might well have changed my attitute there ~ THIS IS A WONDERFULLY TASTY ROAST, & I look forward to making it for company! We really enjoyed the inclusion of the red wine here! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed in the ZINGO part of ZWT5]

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Sydney Mike June 10, 2009

Wonderful, this rump roast skeptic was very pleased -- used bottom round roast labeled as rump roast. DH was hooked just entering our home, the aroma of red wine and onions (and resulting beef broth) were like Hallmark cards. This was DH's "last meal" before a "big day", so when our schedules did not permit us to do this the traditional way, we adapted to fit our time constraints: The roasts were marinated in a 2-gallon freezer bag for 10 hours, with one toss of the bag; we emptied the bag into a 6-qt crockpot, from which we lifted the roasts to dry them off and we followed the dutch oven onion browning and roast searing (browning the onions first, of course!). Then we added the seared roasts, and all the scraped out stuff (including the olive oil -- hey, this is Portuguese!) to the crockpot. I poured in about 1/4-1/3 cup Tawny Port for the fun of it. We set the crockpot for 10 hours on LOW. After 10 hours, I added 4 small canned San Marino plum tomatoes, thickly sliced, and cooked on HIGH for 30 minutes. Didn't have time to make potatoes or rice, so served solo, with Lan Rioja (2004) (so very, very nice). The "sauce" was like a vibrant onion soup (red wine, onion and beef broth). If anything, I would double the garlic (hey, it's Portuguese!). I promise to do this again with the traditional braising technique, this made DH very happy. Thanks for sharing this recipe, MomLuvs6! Made for ZWT5 Family Picks.

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KateL June 08, 2009

LOve, LOve, LOVE this one. I added a bay leaf and otherwise followed the recipe to a T. The onions become a delightful component of the dish. The wine adds a touch of sweetness. I served this with Mashed Potato Cloud Made for ZWT 5 by and Epicurean Queen.

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cookiedog June 08, 2009
Carne Assada a Portuguesa (Portuguese Pot Roast)