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Making sure the pieces are small enough is key, and keeping the pan hot enough was key too... I think you should take the beef out and let it warm closer to room temp before cooking to get that sear going good, the char is part of the charm. Thanks for posting this. Diego Style!

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AustinEstates June 08, 2012

really good recipe...the only thing i do different is add some garlic to the meat marinade, and we like it cooked on the grill.....gotta add the fries though to make it a true SD burrito

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steelersgirl9999_12546374 January 27, 2011

My wife lived in San Diego for 14 years before I met her. I've heard of these burritos for 18 years. She kept threatening to fly out there just for the burritos until I found this recipe. We tried it and except for a little too much lime (my fault I think) this was spot on. Her eyes (and taste buds) sparkled with delight. If I keep the recipe a secret she'll never leave me. ;-)

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Glen052961 July 21, 2013

As like everyone I think this recipe is awesome!. Born and raised in San Diego this is the closest to one of the "Berto's" I've found. I also reduced the lemon a little bit on my second try and thought it was better. Living in Maine there is "NO" real Mexican food.Thanks for the recipe.

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larth April 23, 2013

I ate Albertos carne asada burritos from the 80's until I left SD in 1999. Nothing could compare. I had tried Robertos a few times, but it wasn't the same. Since leaving SD, I also have been searching for a recipe for those absolutely gnarly burritos. Here it is, sports fans! Only minor changes have given me the true taste of a Albertos Carne Asada Burrito. Three things I changed from this recipe were: 1. chill out on the lime. just a sprinkle or two. 2. just a half pinch of oregano. 3. Fry In LARD! Yeah I know it's unhealthy, but it makes the taste. I tried olive oil and Crisco shortening, but the best flavor match was with lard. By the way, adding "fries" to it is absolutely gross! I guess times change, but I'd rather have my fries with a In-N-Out burger, animal style.

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Rick S. February 20, 2016

This recipe cooked in a slow cooker for about 7-8 hours (meat part only obivously) "then" charred on the stove for a few seconds made this an ultimate winner, infact i think it slightly beat san diegos cooking it that way. Tried both ways slow and non, both great, slow even juicer with the onins boiled down to nothing but juice and meat melting in your mouth. We also added garlic to ours. Whole family wont eat anything else for our once a month cook ins now, and gave my wife competition for her best dish FINALLY. thanks for posting

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Chris Dana M. January 25, 2016

I have tried all of the online recipies available, trying to reproduce that unique san diego carne asada flavor, none has gotten it right. This week i walked in to a local mexican meat market and asked for some carne asada. They took some flank steak, put it in a bag, and poured El Mexicano Mojo Criollo marinade in it. I let it marinade overnight, cut up the meat, cooked it over medium heat and made a burrito, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream...and...Viola!! That was it, the taste i have been trying to duplicate for years, a perfect Robertos carne asada burrito, and it came in a 1 gallon jug, on the shelf of that very same meat market...I bought two, just in case they went out of business or something ? I looked online, you can buy Mojo Criollo marinades, but could not find El Mexicano brand, so you may have to find a local carneceria and check it out, or try one of the brands available online, but i cannot vouch for them. Good Luck!

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drstephenkerr December 14, 2015

I've never been to San Diego, but these looked delicious. I'm happy I gave this recipe a shot. I also added garlic when marinating the meat because - garlic!! I used hangar steak because it was more economical. This is a keeper. Thank you so much.

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Buffet of Womanliness June 25, 2015

I lived in Oceanside and would always buy my carne asada burrito's from Eriberto's near the back gate to Camp Pendleton. They were the best tasting burrito's I have ever had and a friend of mine from the USMC had his sister send him some frozen with dry ice to Minnesota. I will try this recipe and see how it compares.

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george w. September 13, 2014

I've tried to find the PERFECT Carne Asada recipe for years! Then I found this one. I was skeptical at first because the others were such a disappointment. I gave it a shot anyway. WOW! My mind was overwhelmed! It tasted exactly how I remembered the hundreds of Carne Asada burritos I'd had when I was stationed in San Diego! I flashed back like the food critic in Ratatioulle!!! Easily exceded my expectations. I HAD to share it with all my family and friends. Bravo Zulu!!!

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Mr San Diego August 08, 2014
Carne Asada Burrito, San Diego Style