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This is simply delicious! Even DH, who is not much into cakes, loved it. The icing alone is worth the price of admission! The cake is a dense spice cake, very flavorful and moist. It would be good even without the icing. But both together - WOW! Thanks for posting! Made for team Gourmet Goddesses, ZWT9

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Jostlori August 11, 2013

This recipe is so tasty. I made it twice, tweaking a few things. I used buckwheat flour, replaced the whole eggs with 3/4 cups egg whites, and replaced the oil with applesauce. I then made it again and did all of the above and also substituted 1 cup of the brown sugar with Splenda. Still came out so delicious. I increased the raisins to 1 cup and used enough rum to cover all of the raisins while they were chilling out in my measuring cup. As for the frosting, I mixed my butter and rum on the stove top and added in a bit of powdered sugar just until it was sweet enough, and then poured that over the cake, turning it into a glaze rather than a frosting.

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jenjen2012 December 13, 2011

I'm rating for the frosting, will update once I get feedback on the cake. The frosting was very sweet but delicious. I added the rum to the browned butter and cooked off the alcohol a bit because I've made "drunken" rum cake glazes unintentionally by not doing this. I cut back the powdered sugar by a whole cup because I couldn't find unsweetened coconut and after thinning with a few tablespoons of milk it was perfect.
I made this for my Father's birthday. The abundance of spices smelled divine baking in the oven. I also cut the sugar in the batter by 1/2c. because again, I didn't have the unsweetened coconut. I will update once we dig in, but I expect that it will be a keeper! Thanks for sharing! Update: It was loved by all!

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Larawithoutau November 26, 2010

Must agree with the crowd, this is just delicious! Will definitely make it again, probably in autumn and for the holidays. It will be nice to have a new standby recipe to use often!

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TinyBubbles June 05, 2009

WONDERFUL spice cake. This recipe had it all for me. It was moist, had a great, spicy flavour and an absolutely out-of-this-world topping. This one is going straight into the keeper file to be made often.

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evelyn/athens June 25, 2007

This is a very good spice cake, even though spice cake is not a personal favorite of mine, but that's another story. Very moist and the addition of coconut really added an extra yummy texture. My cake pulled away from the sides and fell a bit in the middle, I'm not sure why. But my family loved it. Now, shall we talk about frosting? Oh My Goodness! This frosting is to die for! I did as instructed and added rum to thin it, but after 3 tablespoons I was afraid, so I used fresh squeezed orange juice, 2 tablespoons more. It could have used a bit more thinning to spread easier, but it is just so I good I have no more words. YUMMY!

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Chef PotPie March 08, 2006

WOW!! this is yummy!! Once you have prepared the raisins and sweet potatoes this cake is quick and easy to make. It smells great while baking and tastes even better! DH could not wait to have a piece, so he ate it hot out of the oven!!My co-workers will enjoy this tasty treat tomorrow for coffee break! Thanks for a great recipe and good luck with RSC!!

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Elly in Canada February 26, 2006
Caribbean Sweet Potato Rum Cake With Butter Rum Frosting