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Larchie, I don't know if you ever tried your own recipe...but I wanted to use up some chicken and black beans and didn't want yet another chili dinner. So I gave yours a whirl. Like nearly everybody else on this site I change a few things in the recipes I try. In this case I: doubled the recipe, used chicken thighs (and so didn't need the extra cup of chicken broth), browned the chicken in coconut oil, used canned diced tomatoes because I don't have sauce, cooked 1 cup of dry black beans separately to add in, instead of canned, left out the rum but added 1/2 can (about 6 oz.) of coconut milk to color and thicken the sauce near the end, and added a good 3 Tablespoons of lime juice after I took it off the heat. We don't care for brown rice so I served the chicken/bean sauce over well-buttered white rice. Yummm! Different for sure and very, very good. My picky husband ate every bit and I have plenty for the freezer for future dinners. Thank you for posting!

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LoveApple October 18, 2010
Caribbean-Style Chicken With Black Beans