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Must echo justcallmetoni: hot, hot hot! A few changes: I used sweet potato instead of squash and made this on the stovetop, simmering, covered, for about an hour. I only added the kidney beans towards the end of the cooking time so they wouldn't get mushy (personal preference!). I used one seeded and minced fresh red habanero pepper, and omitted the chili powder since I only have the extra hot variety. I'm very glad that I did, since the one habanero was enough to make this so, very, very, hot indeed! Next time I'll definitely use only half a habanero or choose a milder pepper - but there will absolutely be a next time as the sweet/spicy/tomatoey/creamy combo is one of my favourites! Thank you Sue!

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stormylee November 15, 2011

Hot, hot, hot. I was bold enough to prepare this soup using a red jalapeno for the habanero with the seeds intact. Talk about fiery. The coconut milk was the perfect balance and much needed. The soup was delicious and I enjoyed the little bites of flavor from the seeds in the sauce. (Make sure you stir so they are distributed.) I did reduce the broth to three cups as it seemed enough as I was filling the slow cooker and think it was the right decision for me. Next time I might even add an extra can of beans to make this a little more filling. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni September 16, 2008

Very good, but spicy...its definitely warms you up. Next time I will probably only use half a habanero pepper. I subbed garbanzo beans instead of kidneys which was a good choice.

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Alli15 December 05, 2007

I have several recipes for pepper pot soup in my cookbook, and this is the first one I tried (I am partial to anything using a crockpot!). I used acorn squash (and a few carrots)and 2 jalapenos. This is spicy and sweet-very interesting! Thanks Sue for another great recipe!

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Carianne November 03, 2004
Caribbean Pepper Pot Soup