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wow- with 5 extremely fussy kids to feed this is one of my best find recipes ever! they all love it and it is good for them too.just add a side salad and it works with a tin of tuna thrown in too. delicious!

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angelmother May 08, 2010

I had saved this recipe, and when I realised I didn't really have anything 'child-friendly' for my Sunday lunch, I whipped out this recipe, and made it quickly before the guests arrived! It was one of the most popular dishes, isn't it amazing how everyone loves macaroni and cheese! And the corn and tomatoes were a colourful, healthy addition! I chose not to use the peas, although I love them, I probably will, the next time. I omitted the egg, since two guests were vegetarian, but don't eat eggs, so I made my own cheese sauce, using yoghurt and milk, but otherwise, the same as yours, Sharon. I'll be making this again very soon, since the family complained that they hardly got any! thanks, Sharon!

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Karen Elizabeth October 21, 2008

Wonderful dish, thanks, Sharon! Made as directed, except when I made it, the instructions didn't say what to do with the optional peas. I missed adding them to step #4 (made sense to add them with the corn), so I ended up adding them last and "poked" them down under the top layer of macaroni before baking. Made for Vegetarian Recipe Swap #2.

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mersaydees September 14, 2008

This was delicious--I followed the instructions--added just a bit of cayenne. Really good flavor and texture. I think next time, I will add just a bit more tomato and perhaps some diced green pepper. A very good supper, Sharon! Thank you.

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Chef Kate January 14, 2006

Wow!!! Where has this recipe been my entire macaroni and cheese loving life??? lol :) I adore mac n' cheese, and usually dont stray from my favorite recipes, but this one sounded good. I wish Id found it sooner because it is simply out of this world! It's not too rich, but rich enough. It's very creamy and just cheesy enough (although I could add more cheese with no problem LOL) I love it! This would be great for kids too, I think! The only thing that was unfortunate was that I didnt have any fresh parsley left, so I was unable to add the garnish, but I certainly dont think that that compromised the recipe ;) Thanks so much! This will be made again... It even got DH's stamp of approval; we both enjoyed it thoroughly!

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love4culinary January 11, 2006
Caribbean Macaroni Cheese Pie