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I made this recipe a couple of years ago on Valentine's Day. It was my first attempt at making any type of creme brulee, and it turned out great. It was really creamy and the taste of cardomom makes it very unique. My husband still says it's the best creme brulee he's ever had.

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STACHIA December 17, 2003

?A good recipe, but it makes far more than 6 servings. I made it as specified and only used half for 4 3oz ramekins and 4 4oz ramekins. Variations that have worked for me (independent of scaling back the quantities), are steeping whole black cardamom in the cream as it warms in a double boiler, and topping with a mix of brown sugar and jagagry (palm sugar) for an Indian emphasis. Also, 3 yolks per cup of cream is pushing it to get it to set. Most recipes suggest 4, though 3 is possible. I'd suggest something in between for the novice at first. Finally, it is all too easy to burn this if using a broiler. Invest in a culinary torch. Sets WITH ramekins can be had for as little as $20 if one shops around.

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rhollan May 16, 2010

Served at a valentines dinner party . Most thought it was great buy some only average. It was easy to make but made double what the recipe said.. I am going to add a little coconut and coconut extract and try it tonight. I used splenda and that worked out fine. This is certainly a great desert so you should give it a try..

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Chef 1086570 pigpurple February 13, 2011
Cardamom Creme Brulee