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mom's recipe, interpreted; easy and always a hit

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Please don't call this pasta carbonara if it doesn't remotely look or taste like it. REAL carbonara does not have onions. bell peppers or mushrooms. I know this is an "adapted" version but this is not even remotely italian. I would def never make this recipe... especially with the bell peppers.

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  1. in skillet, cook bacon in batches until very crispy. set aside. At the same time start your pasta water.
  2. in a metal bowl, beat eggs and cheese together, slowly adding cheese until a thick, almost pasty texture is achieved. set the metal bowl in a warm water bath (NOT HOT, your eggs will curdle).
  3. meanwhile, sautee the veggies in the bacon drippings. crumble the cooked bacon into the pan when done.
  4. when pasta is done, use a pasta fork to scoop it directly from the boiling water to the egg bowl, stirring each forkfull immediately. you'll get some pasta water, too. that's ok. when sauce becomes thick and creamy, coating the pasta, stir in bacon/veggie mix. serve immediately.

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