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When it comes to making bread or most baking to say I am not very good at it would be under stated. This turned out great for me and was pretty forgiving too. I used my bread machine, an amber beer, did not crush the caraway seeds just put em in, a little more bread flour than called for - maybe 3 tbls, it looked a little too sticky, and bread machine yeast. I have been trying to follow bread recipe's EXACTLY. This time I thought its gonna turn out crappy anyway, I'll swerve just a little. What a nice looking flavour packed loaf. Will for sure make again and again. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little more confidence in the bread making!

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Jockey June 14, 2006

Boy am I glad I noticed the can of dark beer nobody wanted! This bread is fantastic! Since I was making the bread by hand anyway, I scaled the recipe to use the entire 350 ml can. I didn't sub any ingredients. I heated the beer gently to lukewarm in the microwave, and proceeded as usual for bread. I needed about 3 tablespoons more flour, and the dough was extremely sticky after the first rise, but I managed to shape it into a loaf and some rolls. The bread rose high and light in the oven. It doesn't taste of beer, but has a mysterious something that is delicious. Thank you, Cindy Lynn, for posting this wonderful recipe.

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mianbao June 11, 2006
Caraway-Cheese Loaf