READY IN: 35mins
Recipe by Diana Adcock

My Grandmother used to make these for X-mas, one of the many candies she made.

Top Review by LA286570

Hi! My neighbor came over looking for a recipe for caramels, and I gave her this one. Her results tasted fantastic, but the texture was very gritty. So, I compared this recipe to the one in my Southern Living Cookbook, and adapted it to their instructions (like cooking everything but 1 cup of milk, the salt, and the vanilla on low til the sugar completely dissolves, raise the heat to medium and cover to wash down the sugar crystals, uncover and stir occasionally til it reaches 224 degrees, then add last cup of milk and let cook til 248, then take off of the heat and add salt and vanilla, for a grand total of about 50 minutes cooking time.) Mine came out smooth. I can't hold it against your instructions because I wasn't there to see how my neighbor made hers, but I thought I would add comments. Anyway, the caramels taste so great. I'm going to have to find someone to give them to so I don't eat them all!:)

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  1. Cook sugars, corn syrup and milks together in a saucepan, stirring occasionally to prevent burning, until the temp is 248 F.
  2. ,or until mixture forms a firm ball when tested in cold wter.
  3. Remove from heat, add butter, salt and vanilla to mixture and mix well.
  4. Pour into a greased pan.
  5. When cold remove from pan and cut into cubes.
  6. Wrap these in wax paper.
  7. Options: Chocolate Caramels Add 5 oz melted, unsweetened chocolate to recipe before cooking.
  8. Coffee Caramels Sub 1 1/2 cups coffee for the milk in recipe Nut Caramels Add 2/3 cup broken nuts to reciep after cooking Club Caramels Make 1 chocolate batch, and 1 nut batch.
  9. Pour one batch into pan, let cool while making the other batch and pour on top.

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